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Tame Impala Sells Discography to Sony Music Publishing

Tame Impala's Kevin Parker has announced that he's sold his entire discography to Sony Music Publishing, including current and all future albums. It also includes writing he's done for other artists, such as Travis Scott, Rihanna, SZA, and many more, but most recently, Dua Lipa. Parker has been a busy man the last few years, though it doesn't seem to be for his own projects. He's done collaborations and soundtrack songs, but there's no word on a new Tame Impala album. Though, the confirmation of Sony getting his future albums suggests that something may be in the works.

On the topic of selling his discography, Parker stated, "The idea of passing on ownership of my songs is one that I don’t think about very lightly, at all. They are the fruit of my blood, sweat and creativity over all the years I’ve been a recording artist and songwriter so far. I have a lot of love and trust for the Sony publishing family and have only had great experiences with Damian Trotter and the rest of the gang worldwide. I don’t think my songs could be in any safer hands than Sony’s, and I’m excited for the future and happy I can keep working with them on whatever the future brings…”

So what does this mean for Tame Impala? As of right now, it means Kevin Parker came into a hell of a lot of money, but not much more. It is a little heartbreaking to know that Parker no longer owns his beloved discography, but if that was what the right choice for him was, then as fans we just have to roll with it.


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