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One Way Ticket to Cuomoville! (In Other Words, Weezer Show Review)

Updated: Apr 28

I love Weezer. I'm not ashamed to say it! What a liberating feeling it is to admit it to the world! Start to finish, the Indie Rock Road Trip was one of the most energetic and carefree concerts I've had the pleasure of attending. One of the ways I judge this is if at any point I realize that mouth hurts from smiling so hard, and I had that thought several times throughout the night. I'm so grateful that they played in Bend too! I remember sitting at home while the Hella Mega Tour was happening and feeling so left out because I couldn't go, so now that I've finally gotten to see them, I can say I no longer feel excluded from the Weezer party!

Weezer distinctly reminds me of high school. Freshman year, dinging around in math class, bonding with my middle aged over teacher 'Say It Ain't So'. Stupid stuff like that, funny memories. While I've been out of my Weezer phase for a while now, I found all that excitement and goofiness returning to me the night of the concert. Let's talk about how rockin' their stage setup was! Playing off of the road trip theme, it was organized to look like the dash board of a car, steering wheel and all. The windshield was a screen and the rearview mirror was as well. The drum set sat on top of this stage, with the other three members and their instruments on the main stage. They all kind of traveled up and down the car-stage thingy throughout the show, though. It was really awesome!

To me, it definitely felt like a "greatest hits" tour, but I was all for it! Opening the show with 'My Name Is Jonas', Weezer immediately threw the crowd into a frenzy. It really was just hit after hit after hit with a few songs here and there that I wasn't familiar with. Also want to shoutout how iconic it was of them to walk onto the stage with 'Africa' playing, in my opinion they own that song more than Toto does. Hah! Straight from Jonas into Beverly Hills, so on, so forth. I'm making a complaint that they played a shortened version of 'The Good Life' though, that's my all time favorite Weezer song. My tiny heart was broken! Even with a shorter version, I had the greatest time screaming "AND I DON'T WANNA BE AN OLD MAN ANYMORE, IT'S BEEN A YEAR OR TWO SINCE I WAS OUT ON THE FLOOR!" at the top of my lungs. Best song to belt in the car as well.

My most favoritest song to hear live was definitely Hash Pipe though. That song already goes so hard but MAN does it go even harder live! Was head banging 'til my hearts content. The riff in that song might be my favorite Weezer riff too, it's just so rockin'. My friend and I were comparing the energy of this night to the energy at Ringo Starr, everyone was so happy to be there and having a good time. Sometimes depending on the demographic, the vibes can be better or worse. In my opinion, solely based off of what I've experienced, concerts with an older fanbase typically have better energy. I see a lot of people my age/millenial afraid to sing and dance and make fools of themselves at concerts, and it's so sad because that's all part of the fun. When someone sees another person being goofy and enjoying themself, it prompts a sort of ripple effect. Or, there's just the really obnoxious drunk people, but that happens at most concerts anyways. (Again, this is just from what I've personally experienced.) At this point, I definitely prefer older crowds. I think back to Boygenius where none of the teenagers knew how to take care of themselves and had no etiquette. That stuff just brings the mood down, especially when the artist has to stop their set so security can assist someone who passed out. Everyone at Weezer seemed to be having a wonderful time being in each other's company while also singing their hearts out, and I think that's how it should be.

And of course, a big part of the energy comes from the artist. When you can tell the band is having fun, it makes having your own fun even more fun. Lots of fun. Everyone in Weezer was smiling, dancing, being goofy, and putting on a very happy show. There were contagious smiles all across the stage and through the crowd. Now, I'm sure the vibe at a Weezer show was much different in the 90s, but it seems as though everyone has grown up and was just there to enjoy the moment which is always beautiful to see. Also want to shoutout how fun the merch is for this tour! I bought one of the posters that was specially designed for the Bend show, and I cannot wait to have it framed! The shirts were super fun too, there wasn't a design that I didn't like, which doesn't usually happen. I just had such a blast the entire night, every moment was special and reminiscent. Thank you so much for giving me a few minutes of your time, I appreciate your support! See you next time :)



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