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In The Box: June/July Newsletter

Updated: May 19

June and July went by so fast that I completely forgot that I had to write one of these, hence why this is being uploaded a week into August! June began with lots of packing and chaos but ended on a much better note. I'm officially finished with my first year of college! I still can't believe it's over, but I'm ready for the next one at the same time. Since it's over, I kind of wanted to highlight the best parts of the year so I have something to look back on. The biggest and most significant thing that happened of course was the creation of this website. Without it, I don't think a lot of what happened this year would've happened. I did a total of six interviews during the school year, which is still insane for me to think about. I'm interviewing people? I get to ask musicians about their work? It's a crazy concept. Gordon Raphael being the first guest on The Music Box was everything I could've asked for and more!

So many more awesome things happened too! I got to meet Maggie Lindemann, went live on Instagram with Amanda de Cadenet, saw Meet Me In The Bathroom three times in theaters (!!!), so many amazing artists dropped albums, Karen O gave me her microphone, attended my first Emo Night, met Waterparks, and of course, got my dream job at Hayden Homes Amphitheater. These are all things I'm still sort of in disbelief about, but so so grateful for. This summer has already blown my mind as well, most of my time has been spent working but I couldn't be more happy about it. Through my internship at Hayden Homes Amphitheater, I've gotten to see James Taylor, Death Cab For Cutie, Ringo Starr, Indigo Girls, Jimmy Eat World, Tears For Fears, Boygenius, Beck & Phoenix, Stone Temple Pilots, and The Smashing Pumpkins all as a part of my job! This opportunity has allowed me to make connections and friends I know I'll have for life which is so so cool!!!! One of my favorite parts of July was the two Jawny shows I got to attend on the 20th and 21st. I'm going to get a full show review up after this, but I do have to say, those were two of the most memorable nights I've ever had at a concert. Incredible music and energy, and Jawny is such an amazing guy on top of all that. I don't want to get too deep into it here though, be on the lookout for that review once I get it up!

There were a couple of concerts that I didn't necessarily want to write a whole post about, but wanted to give a condensed review of. A couple are from August, but I just wanted to get them on here while the shows are still fresh in my mind. Let's talk about Beck & Phoenix! That lineup is one I would've never thought would see the light of day, let alone have the opportunity to see it live. Phoenix is a wonderfully talented band, although I never dove super deep into their discography, I was mostly familiar with the Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix album and a bit of United. Out of the two artists, I will say I enjoyed Phoenix's set more than Beck's. Their energy and excitement was so contagious, as was Beck's, but there was just something I liked more about Phoenix live. Lisztomania was an absolute blast along with their other classics like 1901 and Lasso. The lead singer, Thomas, also crowd surfed during 1901 which was hilarious and so cool! Beck was awesome too though, I believe part of the reason I didn't enjoy his set as much is because I was a little stressed out with the working part of that concert. It did spoil the experience a bit but his set was still awesome. E-Pro was definitely my favorite! Mutations has always been my favorite album and he didn't play a single song from it! A crime indeed! Would've loved to hear Tropicalia or Bottle of Blues, but that's okay.

The next show was the Stone Temple Pilots and The Smashing Pumpkins. I went in so incredibly pumped for The Smashing Pumpkins and left the show far more impressed with the Stone Temple Pilots. I got a little break in my work to be able to enjoy most of their set and I was rockin' out! Their music sounds even better live and I had the greatest time dancing and singing. My personal favorites to hear were Interstate Love Song, Dead & Bloated, and Sex Type Thing. They were sooooooo good!! The pit was much more packed for the Pumpkins obviously so it was harder to get as close as I was for STP. Also, I'm not sure what the issue was, but their sound mixing was not super great. It seemed like they were a little quiet and dull, not because of the use of their instruments but simply because of how the sound traveled through the amphitheater. Could've been better on their part considering how much the band probably pays the people who do that stuff for them. Still, they were great too, and I most enjoyed hearing The Everlasting Gaze, 1979, Jellybelly, and of course Zero.

Much to my surprise, All Time Low was announced to play at the Dechutes County Fair in Redmond, Oregon. My friend and I had already bought tickets to see them in October, so we were a little irked when we saw that they were playing a FREE show. It all worked out though because we've just accepted that we're going to two shows! Yipee! I'm not super familiar with their whole discography, but I was having great time hearing the both the songs I knew and didn't know. I'm making it my mission to know more of the words by October! As the for the show itself, it was the most happy I've felt at a concert since Jawny. My mouth hurt from smiling so hard, and that doesn't happen often! The band's energy and stage presence plays such a big role in how the crowd receives their set, and All Time Low went above and beyond with that. Their banter back and forth was funny and endearing, and they also did a great job interacting with he crowd which is a huge deal to me. Alex, the lead singer, went out of his way to talk to some fans, some bride-to-bes and kids as well as give knuckle bumps and such. At the end of the set, they also threw out guitar picks, setlists, and drumsticks to the audience. That's the kind of stuff that automatically makes me love a band or artist even more. It makes such a difference to the overall experience! One of the member's dog also came out on stage which provided some sweet entertainment. They all put on a wonderful and passionate show and wouldn't stop raving about Bend/Redmond and how beautiful it is. That was one of my favorite concerts of the whole weekend!

Even after a few mishaps on my end, I was still able to get a spot on barricade to see Boygenius. It was such a relief, the pit seemed like a nightmare, especially since it was like 75% teenage girls. I had my concerns going into that one, and most of them proved to be valid by the end. People were screaming the lyrics to all the songs, including the soft and slow ones that should not be belted at the top of your lungs, there was hysterical crying, pushing, shoving, passing out, all of the above. Some of it just comes with being in the pit, but the majority of it just being unique to Boygenius' fanbase. As much as those things set me off, the show itself was delightful. I don't have much of an opinion on Illuminati Hotties, but Carly Rae Jepsen absolutely blew my mind! One of my fondest childhood memories is somehow acquiring $10 and marching into Justice with my mom and spending it on her album 'Kiss'. So when she came down in front of the barricade to give high fives, one can imagine how I reacted. Let's just say I completely fit in with the rest of the crowd with the way I was fangirling. Still can't believe she touched my hand! Her energy was infectious and steady even though she had to stop her set a few times due to people passing out. Boygenius was just as terrific, bringing their true and authentic selves on stage and opening their hearts to the crowd. It was a beautiful thing to experience and be a part of. Phoebe Bridgers also came down to give high fives during her song Graceland Too, which I was trying not to freak out over both her and Carly touching my hand. Fangirl things. It was a beautiful performance and a night I'm so grateful that I got to experience!

Last one is Tears For Fears. This night made me so emotional (in a good way) just because of what I got to witness and hear live. I don't care that it's a TikTok song or whatever, Head Over Heels is one of my favorite songs of all time. The power that it holds is so beautiful, I can't really put it into words you just need to listen to it and feel yourself fall into its chokehold. It was so special just because of the environment that night too, there's certain shows I work at HHA that feel kind of dull and a little less full of life than others, but this one was just perfect. From the weather to the energy of the crowd, it was a perfect night. The only downside is that it was reserved seating, which meant GA people couldn't be close to the stage, but I understand that they're older and that typically means it won't be all GA. Plus, and this is a HUGE plus, they still sounded incredible! Some artists as they age lose their voices and talent, and that just comes with age, but oh my goodness, Roland and Curt still sounded just as good as they used to. I was so shocked. This was another show that just blew my mind!

As always, my music comes and goes with the months, so here's some songs I loved throughout June and July.

  1. Celebrity Skin- Hole

  2. Beyond The Vale- The Smashing Pumpkins

  3. A Time To Be So Small- Interpol

  4. Say- Deb Never

  5. Ignorance- Paramore

  6. Gold Lion- Yeah Yeah Yeahs

  7. Rescued- Foo Fighters

  8. Prophecy of the Dragon- The Voidz

  9. The Spanish Song- Monkeybite

  10. Happy Song- Bring Me The Horizon

  11. My Desire- Interpol

  12. Interstate Love Song- Stone Temple Pilots

  13. Highway Tune- Greta Van Fleet

  14. New Perspective- Panic! At the Disco

  15. All Around Me- Flyleaf

  16. Head Over Heels / Broken- Tears For Fears

  17. Zombie- Max Fry

  18. Meet Me in the Woods- Lord Huron

  19. Cover My Eyes- Fwango

  20. City Girl- Kevin Shields

It's weird to think that the next time I have to write one of these, I'll be back in school. August is already filling up like crazy! The Paramore show that was supposed to happen on July 26th was rescheduled to this Thursday, I think that's what I'm most excited about in the near future. Hoping and praying my friend and I get picked to go into Paramoat down by the stage! Anyways, thank you for spending a few minutes reading this! It means the world!



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