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In The Box: Feb/Mar Newsletter

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Okay, I will confess, the website has been a little quiet the past two months. In fact, I only posted twice in the span of these months, and they were both album reviews. I'm going to try to get back on this grind! I missed writing and interviewing, but life has just been so busy and as I'm sure many others can relate to, it never feels like there's enough hours in the day to get things done. Alongside the inherent business of school and working, I also was home almost every weekend in March, which meant I was commuting to and from once a week. That was a major pain in the butt.

Alright, no more excuses! While things were tough, they were also extremely fun. I went to two concerts, three if you count Emo Night, and they were all incredible. I also found out that I got an summer internship to work at a huge music venue in Bend! I'm still in shock over that because guess who's playing this summer?! Weezer, Ringo Starr, Beck, Phoenix, BoyGenius, The Smashing Pumpkins, Death Cab For Cutie, Jimmy Eat World and literally so many more. I'm so so grateful for this opportunity, it's 100% my dream job, except I didn't know it existed until two months ago. Things have been sort of falling in and out of place, but through all that, music has still remained the thing I care most about, so I'm going to share some tunes I've been loving.

I got super into The Pretty Reckless in early February and still have been adoring their music, specifically Death By Rock And Roll and My Medicine. It's sort of how I feel about Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, they're bringing back that classic rock 'n roll feel that scratches an itch, you know? It's just great, and I've officially put Death By Rock And Roll in my top twenty songs of all time! Also, Taylor Momsen is absolutely the coolest and I love how much she stomped on her old image and completely reintroduced herself to the world. Hole has been in the cycle too, mostly Live Through This. I've always been reluctant to listen to Hole because I never want to give Courtney Love more money, but I really caved and now I'm obsessed! I am a firm believer in the Courtney-killed-Kurt theory, and I think she did it to inherit his fortune and fame, so I try to restrain myself from supporting her. My friend gave me her Live Through This CD though, so at least now I don't have to add to the streams lol. I LOVE Violet! I think mostly because I already half knew it from the end scene of Jennifer's Body, but that only makes me love it even more.

Still lots of Interpol, which speaking of, I need to address something. So you're telling me The Smashing Pumpkins announced that Interpol is opening for their tour, a tour of which they're coming to Bend, and Interpol ISN'T playing at that date?! I'm still fully raging over this. Why? So mad. Anyways, yeah, there's still been a lot of Turn On The Bright Lights and also self titled, I absolutely would live and die for Memory Serves. That song bangs. And of course, hours and hours of SUCKERPUNCH by Maggie Lindemann! My best friend and I got to see her last Saturday and I still haven't fully absorbed that it happened. I'm doing a more in depth chat about it soon like I did with Omar Apollo, so keep an eye out for that. SUCKERPUNCH ended up being my top album last year even though it had only come out in September. It's so beautiful, and honestly revolutionary to the genre that Maggie is slowly reviving. Also, I fully gaslighted myself into believing she was gonna bring out Kellin Quinn for How Could You Do This To Me? because he lives in Medford, which is only a couple hours from Portland, but she DIDN'T and I was HEARTBROKEN.

I want to talk about Emo Night! It didn't leave enough of an impression on me to get its own post, but nevertheless, it was still a blast. Certainly wasn't what I was expecting! My friends and I waited in line for 15-20 minutes maybe because I have the need to be on barricade at every show I go to haha. So they're pretty much just DJ-ing a bunch of 90s/2000s emo music which is great, but I only knew about 1/4th of what they played overall. I really overestimated my knowledge of emo music. I know there's a difference between Emo Night and Emo Nite, so I expected ours to be a little more old school, but yeah, I still totally overestimated myself. But, when they played a song I knew, IT WAS SO FUN! Happy to report they played some Paramore, Sleeping With Sirens, Pierce The Veil, My Chemical Romance, and others that were a little closer to my generation of emo. King For A Day made everyone in that room go absolutely crazy, and so did Welcome To The Black Parade (As expected). Overall, it was still a fun time and I'm glad that I went and got to experience it once! Now I just gotta try out Emo Nite without the H. I heard they added some Siiickbrain so I absolutely need to attend next time they tour near me.

SZA was incredible too! My friend Kylie is the major fan between the two of us, and I'd mainly gone to see Omar Apollo, but I really left that concert a converted SZA fan forever. Her performance, her vocals, the emotion, all of it. I knew a few songs (not a total SZA newb), but still, even the songs I didn't know, I just felt the power and energy behind them and it was mind blowing. I know the tour is over now, but if she tours again, you NEED to get tickets. I mean, she literally floated around the Moda Center in a lifeboat and a giant fluffy yellow dress. It was SPECTACULAR. And afterwards, she mentioned that it was an emotional night for her because the ex that most of those songs are about is from Portland, so we were like "we totally just got the drama I love it". It literally wasn't even a concert, it was a fully staged PRODUCTION. What an experience!

I still can't believe I'm 2/3 of the way through my first year of college. It's done so much good in my life and I hope it continues to do good for the rest of my schooling. I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to go to this many shows and the ability to come back home and write about them. I've said it before and I'll say it again, music is my lifeline. It's the breath of fresh air I need from the normalcy and heartbreak of life. When I first started actually blogging, I was like "Why should I do this? No one's ever gonna read it" which still remains true, but I just realized that I don't even care. I've got this awesome freedom and I'm so glad to have it! Anyways, just grateful and happy. Hoping to get some more interviews going really soon! I've found a lot of artists I want to get in touch with, so keep your eyes peeled for all of that good stuff. Once again, thank you for taking a few minutes and choosing to spend it here! Your support and love means the world to me, even if I don't know you.

See you soon!



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