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In The Box: Dec/Jan Newsletter

Updated: May 19


It was a crazy end of the year, and a crazy beginning of the new one as well. I've been pretty wrapped up in trying to get some cool people on the NEW PODCAST I launched... Yay! I've been doing interviews since October, but just recently got them up in podcast format (minus Ultraviolet Communication, the audio was just tragic because we were in downtown Eugene and drunk people were screaming). You can find the episodes under the podcast tab of the website or on Spotify! I have another very exciting interview happening tomorrow and should be up in the next couple days, so keep an eye out for that one too!

Some musical updates: Lots of new tunes recently! Jawny, Pierce The Veil, Paramore, Wilt, and Cuco have all dropped songs these past few weeks! You can listen here on Spotify, play a couple while you finish reading the newsletter :)

I wanted to also take a moment to step back and appreciate the year that 2022 was for me. I graduated high school, went to five concerts (Still Woozy, Omar Apollo, Benee, Chase Atlantic, The Strokes/Red Hot Chili Peppers), took my first ever trip to Seattle and realized how much I love the city, began college, started and ran a website all by myself, interviewed the producer of my favorite band, saw Lizzy Goodman's 'Meet Me In The Bathroom' in theaters three times, and really truly found the thing I love. I couldn't be more grateful for that. It may sound cheesy, but when I discovered The Strokes, it introduced me to this incredible scene that i've been drawn to ever since. For the past twelve months I've been daydreaming about New York, attending the 2002 gig in which Jack White joined The Strokes at Radio City Music Hall to sing New York City Cops, just overall the life that I wish I could've lived. Some people feel called towards traveling the world or owning a business, but I've found that piece of myself in this time in music. Sometimes it's dangerous because my brain regresses itself to the point where I momentarily believe I'm there, I'm right there next to Ryan Gentles at the Mercury Lounge while he realizes that The Strokes were going to be the next greatest band, I'm right there when Karen O is dominating the world of rock 'n roll and challenging the role of women in it, I'm right there when James Murphy starts "losing his edge", I'm even there watching Kimya Dawson and Adam Green break the mold for what music is. Just all of it, I'm there.

Music is powerful, we all know that. It's completely changed my life, especially this year, but it's still always been a part of me. I was always the girl who cared more about what was being played on aux than the conversation happening in the car (I still am, I will admit). I can't really say I grew up on any one thing, for instance, my roommate once told me her mom raised her on the Chili Peppers, and I've always wished I'd had something like that to hold onto. Nostalgia plays a huge part in my brain too, I gloss over the bad parts and remember the good things through music. 2016, I was in sixth grade (I refuse to believe that was seven years ago), and all I remember is my parents' old boombox, lots of Fifth Harmony and Ed Sheeran being played on the radio, the Dollar Store, just a bunch of random crap like that. I hope to one day look back on 2022 as that as well, one in which I'll associate The Strokes with the last of my teenage years and how Rest My Chemistry by Interpol was my anthem for the whole summer and the way that Hard To Explain felt while walking around downtown Seattle at night. I'll never forget about that Seattle trip, it totally altered by brain chemistry. Maybe it was just because I saw The Strokes live, but something was just different about that trip. Okay, moving on.

I'm sure everyone finds and artist or band that impacts them, but I can truly say that the music of that time changed me. I'm an ENTIRELY different person than I was a year ago, and boy am I happy about that! I have real ambitions now, I can actually see myself somewhere versus panicking because a bunch of pushy adults were pressuring me into deciding what I wanted to do with my life before I was even 18. But here I am in college, still daydreaming about that life, but nonetheless enjoying the one I'm living now. I'm grateful for the people I've met and the strides I've made in my personal development the last few months of 2022. December was an interesting month for sure, I went home to Eugene for an exceptionally long Christmas break (not a good thing) and got pushed back into the same rut I left Eugene to escape. It's interesting how a town and a few too many familiar faces can do that to you. But, I did dive into some music that's normally a little out of my comfort zone. I classify my taste in rock as either garage rock, or just good 'ol fashioned rock 'n roll, but I dipped my toes into the world of emo punk (very, VERY broad umbrella term), and I haven't gone back since. I'd say the farthest I'd gotten into the genre prior to December was The Black Parade album by My Chemical Romance, some Paramore here and there (Riot! is my favorite), Maggie Lindemann's Paranoia and Suckerpunch albums, a middle school obsession with Panic! At The Disco, and a few Sleeping With Sirens songs. That's really about it.

So anyways, I discovered Pierce The Veil and got even deeper into Sleeping With Sirens. Wow. WOW. Incredible bands! I'm totally in love with Vic Fuentes, he's just the coolest (and Kellin Quinn for that matter). The Collide With The Sky album just blew my mind, I'm so surprised I hadn't gotten into them sooner because it's something I think I would've loved a long time ago. December and January have been my emo punk months and I'm loving it. I feel like I've found not only more great music, but another scene that's so fascinating to me. The term "emo" was used in a derogatory way when I was younger, I remember being in the sixth or seventh grade and hearing one girl I went to school with constantly being called emo, and not necessarily in a terribly mean way, but definitely not in a complimetary way either. My brain always kind of associated it with something bad, the messed up kids with odd taste in music, but I've found it's the exact opposite. "Emo" is a safe place, one that's often filled with vulnerability and emotion, one that is like nothing esle you'll ever hear. I can't even speak much to it because I'm barely scratching the surface, I'm sure there's many much more educated people than me to talk about this. I've grown to see the beauty in it, especially with things like Emo Night, which I'm actually attending in February, and the way that music across tons and tons of artists can be so monumental that there's an entire tour dedicated solely to DJ-ing these songs. I'm just so fascinated by it!

Alright, I'm winding things down now. Some Music Box updates: Hoping to get lots of cool podcast things up and running soon! I'm putting together an episode of my top 10 albums of 2022 so stay tuned for that. It's taken a while because I just couldn't narrow it down, and I was trying to round up a few friends who liked the albums too that were willing to pop on with me to chat about them. Also planning on doing an episode going in depth about my concert experiences thus far, and who I have lined up for 2023! I don't even care if no one listens to that episode, I just love talking about concerts. I have many awesome stories to tell! Be sure and follow the instagram account to stay updated, there isn't much up yet but as I find the time i'll be posting to it more often. Check out the Youtube channel to see full videos of my interviews, and Spotify to listen to them as a podcast. Also, be sure and check out the official Music Box Spotify account, I've been trying to update playlists more regularly so hopefully you'll find something you love! Thanks for tuning in, I appreciate anyone who takes a few minutes out of their day to support me, whether you're a friend or a stranger, thank you for your time!

Signing off until next time,



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