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Fontaines D.C. Announce New Album "Romance" + Single

Updated: May 19

Today is a big day for Fontaines D.C. fans! I opened my inbox early this morning to an email inviting me to preorder a first pressing of the band's new album, Romance. Set to be released August 23rd, the album has a distinct shift from 2022's Skinty Fia. The GRAMMY nominated band has taken the plunge into their next era, releasing haunting and catchy single "Starburster". The song is reportedly about a panic attack singer Grian Chatten once had, catalogued by a series of desperate breaths after each repeating of the chorus. The single opens into a rap which works surprisingly well with their style, and the bridge breaks down into a string-style moment then back to the chorus for the song's departure. If this is what the new era is going to sound like for Fontaines D.C., I'm incredibly excited for the rest of the album.

Even the promo video feels incredibly mysterious and haunting, mirroring the well-known elevator scene from The Shining. The video for "Starburster" follows this same path with it's horror-like direction and bloody shots of Chatten reliving the same moment in different ways. The darker theme of the music, video, and promotion seems to be in direct contrast with the happiness and colorfulness of the album cover, and even the name of the album itself. I have a feeling this is going to be their most important body of work yet, August can't come fast enough.


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