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A Post On Everything Omar Apollo (show reviews, album rankings, etc)

Omar Apollo has become one of my favorite artists over the past few years, and since I just saw him open for SZA, I figured it was high time to shed some light on him. There's many bases I'm going to cover in this post, and I'm so excited to share my experience with him as well as some of my favorite of his music!

I started listening to him in late 2019, and I'm pretty sure my first song was Unbothered, but I didn't really get into his music until he dropped Apolonio in 2020. That album quickly became one of my all time favorites, and still is. I'm still fighting with myself over if I like Ivory or Apolonio more, and I can't choose (but I did below). Apolonio was the beginning for me in many ways, and I definitely connected with Useless a lot, and Kamikaze also became an anthem in my life, and so did Bi Fren. But then, Ivory also was a big moment in my life because it was when I got to meet him, and also there's just so many beautiful songs on that album. Anyways, I'm going to tell you about some of my experiences!

4/9/22: The Desvelado Tour

Still probably the greatest concert I've been to considering my overall experience, the quality of the performance, and the opening acts (I've seen The Strokes live so that's saying something). He originally announced that for his tour, that he was only coming to Portland, but then added a Eugene show later on. I remember so well telling my high school religion teacher that I was having a "girl problem" so that I could leave class and sneak out to my car to buy tickets. Totally miss that part of high school. So my friend and I both bought the Q&A/soundcheck package, which if I remember correctly was around $85 (a lot for a broke kid). We got let in early for all the good stuff, and there only ended up being like six or seven other early entry people which was nice, there was no crowd to fight off. We got in and sprinted to the barricade even though there was literally no need to but I guess that's all just part of the fun. He came out a bit later and chatted with us about his album, which at that point had only been out for a day.

It was actually so chill, and the first time in my life where a celebrity that I idolized was put into perspective. The glorified aura of him I had in my head dissipated a bit, which was honestly a good thing, because since then I've begun to see these artists more as humans and less of a god if that makes sense. My favorite part was getting to talk about Albert Hammond Jr.'s work on Useless and Omar recommending me Flea's memoir (which I actually didn't read until last month, and it was AMAZING. Might write a review. Stay tuned). I actually do have the audio from the Q&A but I can't figure out how to upload it here. (Update: figured it out. Click here). We were able to get pictures with him which was really sweet too! Anyways, it was just a really cool experience and overall fun conversation. He sang Evergreen for soundcheck, and little did we know, a few months later that song would be all the rage on the interwebs. For those of you who that song title didn't click with, here's a clip! (Sidenote: his voice was wrecked from the Seattle show lol). Sorry I can't put the video directly onto the page, Wix wouldn't let me. Boo.

So after that, we got our merch (which was actually fire), and got to chat a bit with Dylan Shanks, Omar's manager. I had one of those quick thoughts that was along the lines of "it would be cool to do that one day", and I've been having a lot more thoughts like that recently. I just want to work in the music industry. So yeah, always take the opportunity to talk with an artist's team, especially if it's something you're interested in doing one day.

One of Omar's two openers was Deb Never, an artist whom I'd discovered through his announcement that she would be playing. I fell in love with her music immediately, primarily "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?", and was honestly just as excited to see her as I was to see Omar. I was absolutely screaming her songs, and she gave me a knuckle bump! It was one of those small things that just means the world to a fan. At the end of her set, I pulled a rose out of the bouquet we'd brought for Omar to give to her. She grabbed it, and kind of put her hands over her heart and smiled at me IT WAS SO SWEET. My friend did get this on video, click here to watch. I also made a sign asking for her setlist, and I was super bummed when she didn't give it to me before she left the stage. BUT she came out like minute later and pulled it off and handed it right to me! Coolest moment ever. Like I said, it's stuff like that that truly makes a fangirl's life.

Honestly, all of that buildup was even better than the actual concert, you know? I feel like meeting him beforehand diminished a bit of the magic of the artist being on stage in front of you. I'm not sure if that makes sense but it definitely does for me! His performance was still incredible though, my personal favorites to hear live were Frío, Tamagotchi, and Useless. He told us at soundcheck that he would play Bi Fren but he never did and I'm still upset about it. GRR. Last little thing, the part I'm most proud of is ironing his name on the back of my pants. My friend helped me and it was so funny. Omar walked in and the first thing I did was scream his name and turn around, and he proceeded to TAKE A PICTURE. YUP. Sometimes it hits me at random hours of the day that he has a picture of my butt on his phone. Great memories, wish I could feel that young & free again even though it's only been a year.

3/18/23: SOS Tour (Opening For Sza)

I still can't believe I got to see him again less than a year later, and with the incredible progress he's made since just last April. He's one of those artists that I have such an emotional connection to that I don't think I'll ever stop liking his music even if it sucks, you know? Not that it ever will, he's only going up from here. So yeah, I was losing it when the announcement came that he was opening for SZA. I mean, that's a big deal! It's SZA! My best friend is actually the biggest SZA fan in the world, and I'm the biggest Omar Apollo fan, so it only made sense that we went (Obviously. Gotta find a way to validate buying concert tickets. Hah). Omar, ever the gentleman, came on right at eight, and I was LOSING IT. He opened with Useless which is my all time favorite song of his, partly because it's a beautiful track and partly because I know one of The Strokes worked on it with him. Hah. But yeah, I was screaming my heart out!

The rest of his set was, and not in order because I don't remember, Endlessly, Go Away, Invincible, 3 Boys, Killing Me, Kamikaze, Tamagotchi, and Want U Around. What a lineup! Although I was really hoping he'd sing Highlight, which was on the deluxe version of Ivory that released last August. I really love that song. Also a note on Endlessly, I didn't really care for it much until I saw it live. I have a friend that loves that song so much, and it's his favorite Omar song, and I didn't get until I saw him perform it. I never disliked it, I just thought there was MUCH better songs in his discography, you know? Anyways. Here's a bit of it. My videos are crap because of my stupid iPhone 8, I really need to upgrade.

It was, and still is, crazy to see how much he's progressed just within a year, vocally and within his career. I'm so happy for him and it was awesome to see him being loved and supported by another important artist. It's great to see the potential in someone's music, and then the world agree with you too :)

Albums Rankings

Here's how I'm gonna do this, favorite albums in order of favorite to least, and then their songs ranked within that ranking. You'll figure it out. I also want to add that NONE of his albums are bad or at the "bottom", I'm literally just ordering them from my most favorite to my casual favorite.

1. Apolonio

Songs Ranked:

1. Useless
2. Bi Fren
3. Kamikaze
4. I'm Amazing
5. Want U Around (ft. Ruel)
6. Stayback
7. Dos Uno Nueve (219)
8. The Two Of Us
9. Hey Boy (ft. Kali Uchis)

2. Ivory (Marfil)

Songs Ranked:

1. Tamagotchi
2. Waiting on You
3. Highlight
4. Go Away
5. Mr. Neighbor
6. No Good Reason
7. Invincible (ft. Daniel Caesar)
8. Killing Me
9. Talk
10. Bad Life (ft. Kali Uchis)
11. Endlessly
12. Personally
13. Evergreen
14. Petrified
15. Archetype
16. Ivory
17. Can't Get Over You
18. En El Olvido
19. Pretty Boy
20. Saving All My Love
21. Endlessly Intertude

3. Friends

Songs Ranked:

1. So Good
2. Ashamed
3. Hearing Your Voice
4. Kickback
5. There For Me (Interlude)
6. Friends
7. Trouble

4. Stereo

Songs Ranked:

1. Ignorin
2. Hijo de Su Madre
3. Amor Malo
4. Stereo (Intro)
5. Erase
6. Lucky
7. Ugotme

Thank you!

Thanks for sticking around and listening to me talk about one of my favorite artists, one I have a lot of hope for in the future! I mostly listen to rock, but sometimes it's nice to take a break and indulge in something of a different genre, and Omar has become my go to over the years. I'm adding a link to a playlist here with all of his music on it, shuffle it and enjoy! You can also check out the rest of the playlists I've curated for The Music Box under that same profile. I had a lot of fun writing all of this, except for ranking Ivory because that phsycially hurt, but other than that, I enjoyed it. Thank you for taking the time to read and support me as always, I appreciate every set of eyes that chooses to spend a few minutes with me. There will be more coming soon!


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