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A Post On Everything Maggie Lindemann (show reviews, album rankings, etc)

I'm genuinely still in shock of this entire night. It went by waaaaay too fast gee wiz. My best friend and I actually discovered Maggie through Madison Beer during the 2021 Life Support tour when we heard she was opening. At that point, the Paranoia EP was all of her current music that was out. By current I mean post-Pretty Girl era, because we don't talk about the pop phase here (lol). SUCKERPUNCH really changed it all though, that album has provided me some incredible memories and associations. That being said, I'm going to discuss my experiences seeing her live and her discography!

11/20/21: Life Support Tour

I am an unashamed Madison Beer fan, love her music, specifically her debut. So, my friends and I geared up to buy tickets and we saw Maggie Lindemann was opening for her tour. I'd never listened to her, and neither had the two friends I went to the concert with. I always try to familiarize myself with the opener's music even if I don't love it, but with Maggie's music, it was an immediate conversion from newb to full-blown fan! The only music she had out at that point was the Paranoia EP and the single She Knows It, but seeing them all live convinced me even more that she was the next big thing in a genre of music that was still relying on artists that had been in it for 10 years or however long.

By the time the concert rolled around, my favorite song was GASLIGHT!, but of course that was the ONE song from Paranoia she didn't play because it has a feature. I was so disappointed!!!!!! Still am!!!! This was also my first concert post-lockdown, so maybe any music would've had the same effect on me, but MAN I left honestly more impressed with Maggie than Madison. My best friend and I knew she was going to be a big artist in our lives after that, and she has remained that to us a year and a half later. My other favorites at that point were Knife Under My Pillow and Scissorhands, but truly, that whole album still remains just as beautiful as it did then. I'll go into that more later though! She also performed 'How Could You Do This To Me?', which was unreleased then but was put on Suckerpunch almost a year later. I'm so grateful for Kellin Quinn's feature that song because it was really how I got into Sleeping With Sirens, which got me into Pierce The Veil. But also, I look back on my video of that song now and I love it even more because the mix was a bit different from what ended up on the album. Just little bits but still noticeable to me, a hardcore fan of that song. It was an incredible performance, and probably to this day the most impressed I've been with an opening act!

3/25/23: Suckerpunch Tour

Pretty sure I blacked out that entire night because I hardly remember anything! Just kidding, but my memory is splotchy and I have to remember through my videos. Hah. My friend Kylie, my rock, my concert buddy, and I impulsively bought VIP packages because we had been waiting for SO LONG for this tour. She dropped Suckerpunch in September of 2022, but didnt announce a tour until January of 2023, so it really felt like forever. We both had our fingers crossed that Siiickbrain would be opening, but no such luck :( Anyways, we got to the venue and waited in line for a while, and got ushered right in for the M&G. These days, I've become a believer in the fact that you shouldn't have to pay half a paycheck for 30 seconds of someone's time, but this just felt different. I prefer soundcheck packages because they're usually much cheaper and less nerve wrecking. So we go in, and my friend and I both had a plan of what we were gonna say. Kylie was going to have her write out 'Suckerpunch' in her handwriting and we've made plans to get it tattooed eventually!

I went in next, and it happened literally so fast that this is the part I REALLY don't remember anything about. I gave her a hug and then I'm pretty sure I just stumbled over my words for a solid minute rambling about how excited I was for the tour. The rest of our conversation has left my memory. BUT I did have her sign my laminate which was dope, and I have it framed with my tour poster now. A prized possession truly!

So now to the actual performance! I really love that she's continuing to tour with Legacy 3, which is her band. They're style of playing really fits Maggie's genre, plus they're just awesome musicians. A good guitarist can truly make the show. She opened with 'intro/welcome in' (which by the way, is one of the greatest album introductions I've ever heard) and went right into 'take me nowhere'. Those are the first two songs on the album and also just the perfect sequence of songs to open with! She played five songs from Paranoia, 'Scissorhands', 'Knife Under My Pillow', 'Loner', 'It's Not Your Fault', and 'Crash and Burn', alongside all of Suckerpunch. I'm so happy she played the whole album! Although, she did shorten Siiickbrain's parts out of 'break me!' which was disappointing, but still great. I think 'novocaine', 'self sabotage', and 'hear me out' were my three favorites to hear live (click on the song titles to see a short clip of each!). My only complaint about this show wasn't necessarily towards her, but the crowd. This one person kept screaming things like "you're so hot!" and "Maggie you're so sexy!" and the first time she said thank you, but this continued in between almost every song. I could kind of tell it affected her, and after that it sort of just seemed like she disassociated and just played the show, you know? Not to say that it wasn't an AMAZING performance, but still, I could just tell. I felt so bad for her :(

I also want to give a quick shoutout to the Hawthorne Theater in Portland for treating everyone so kindly! I've had a few experiences where the venue staff is just unnecessarily mean for no reason, whether it be just be the initial interaction, or things like taking pepper spray and not being able to get it back at the end. It really all does effect the quality of the experience, but everyone at the Hawthorne was just so sweet! Wishing us a fun time, not ripping apart our bags, being kind instead of pushy when moving through the line. Like I said, that stuff really does effect the experience. Overall the concert was awesome, and at the end one of the guys from Legacy 3 gave a setlist! I'm still kind of in denial that this all happened, especially since it went by so fast, but I'm so grateful that it did!

Album Rankings:

Here's how I'm gonna do this, favorite albums in order of favorite to least, and then their songs ranked within that ranking. You'll figure it out. I also want to add that NONE of her albums are bad or at the "bottom", I'm literally just ordering them from my most favorite to my casual favorite even though there's only two. Hah. I would also like to add that although Suckerpunch is ranked, it is 100% a no-skip album. It's an absolutely perfect record.


(yes I used the alt cover because I like it better)

Songs Ranked:

1. self sabotage

2. how could you do this to me? (Ft. Kellin Quinn)

3. novocaine

4. Hear me out

5. i’m so lonely with you

6. take me nowhere

7. break me! (ft. Siiickbrain)

8. girl next door

9. we never even dated

10. casualty of your dreams

11. she knows it

12. you’re not special

13. cages

14. intro/welcome in

15. phases


Songs Ranked:

1. GASLIGHT! (ft. Siiickbrain)

2. Scissorhands

3. It’s Not Your Fault

4. Knife Under My Pillow

5. Different

6. Crash and Burn

7. Loner

8. Love Songs

Thank you!

Once again, thanks for sticking around and reading my fangirl rant on miss Maggie! My experiences with her and her shows have been phenomenal, and I'm already ready for album no. 3 from her (hopefully she comes to Portland again if she tours!). I really have faith in her as an artist because a lot of the pop-punk/emo-pop-punk, whatever you want to define her as, genre is still being dominated by the same (male) artists (cough, cough, Machine Gun Kelly). It's nice to see fresh blood in the scene! I know she would've absolutely crushed Warped Tour, I really wish that was still happening :( Anyways, it's always fun to grow with an artist and see how they transform and get better with time. Maggie's sound is going to age so well and I can't wait to see where she ends up! Thanks again for supporting me and this website by reading my posts! Every single person who takes time to click on anything I upload means the world to me. So again, thank you! See you next time!

With all the love in the world,



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